iWarden: Keep our mobile carrier from sending us big bills

     NOTE: This package depends on perl.  You must either install
     perl manually, install the CoreDev.nl repo manually (read
     http://coredev.nl for instructions), or install the
     net.kister.AddCoreDev package which will do everything for you.
     iWarden is designed to keep you from going over your cellular
     plan limits -- perfect for kids who have iphones and you dont want
     a big bill at the end of the month for their over-usage.
     configure iWarden by telling it how much voice/data it can
     use and it'll send alerts to the phone when it's approaching those
     when the data threshold is reached, cellular data is disabled.
     when the phone threshold is reached, it goes into a whitelist-only
     mode so that calls to/from 911 and other whitelisted numbers will
     still work.
     this code is lightweight and makes no tangible difference in
     performance or battery life.
     compatible with (at least) iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S
     running either iOS 5.0.1 or 5.1.
     one thing that's not quite perfect is dealing with "free mobile-
     to-mobile" minutes.  we check if the number is listed in Contacts
     as "mobile" or "iPhone", but if we get/make a call that's not in
     contacts, we don't know if it's "mobile" or not.
     if you'd like to watch what's going on:
     # ssh to phone
     apt-get -y install sbsettingssyslogd
     # load SBSettings, touch More, choose Set Window Toggles
     # enable Syslog
     # choose Home button
     # (SpringBoard restarts)
     # load SBSettings
     # enable Syslog
     grep iWarden /var/log/syslog
     # or
     tail -f /var/log/syslog
     # when done snooping,
     # open SBSettings, turn off Syslog
     note that not much is happening, so most of the time you'll just
     see iWardend finding out what time it is and going to sleep

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